The Beauty of Certainty:
What Do You Know For Sure?

The Beauty of Certainty is documentary short about a man finding certainty about his life in the face of his death.

Brian Hendricks just learned that he has terminal cancer. Brian is a teacher and writer filled with the joy of life. He has the tools to put everything into a universal context – even his own death. But will these tools fail him as he wrestles with his mortality and what it means for his life, his family, and his legacy?

What do we know for sure? About ourselves, our purpose, and the people we love? Are we realistic about ourselves and our fate when faced with mortality? Does life become clearer or cloudier when we are dying? Our weaknesses, our failings, our anger, our hurt – what happens to them in the end? Watch one man’s struggle to answer these questions and find beauty in the certainty of his own death. 

Released as a serial August 4th-31, 2014.

Director: Brick Blair
Editor: Joe Peeler
Music: Rob Ashley
Sound Mix: Elliot Thompson
Title Design: Paul Hornschemeler

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